Drupal and WordPress founders interviewed together

A bit of a landmark co-interview with opensource CMS luminaries Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) and Dries Buytaert (founder of Drupal) at SchipulCon 2011 in Houston, Texas. Bear with the initial audio — the irony of tech stuff going wrong is not lost on me either.

Here at Dao By Design we near exclusively build using one or the other, and I couldn’t agree with Matt’s comment that initially Drupal was a very powerful and complicated CMS that has become easier to use, and WordPress was a simple platform that has become much more powerful. Some things are still easier on one or the other (WordPress still leads with backend UI/UX; whereas Drupal has better i18n support and much better handling of custom content types).

Squabbles aside, I agree with Matt that either CMS could handle the scope of virtually any project.

Also check out Dries most recent blog post, “Sitecore FUD“, a fantastic taking apart of a proprietary software vendor’s slagging review of opensource CMS projects (specifically WordPress and Drupal).

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