About Us

Nocean is a full-featured Canadian Web design & development studio specializing in modern websites driven by the powerful and easy to use Drupal and WordPress content management systems (CMS).

We’ve got skills.

Fueled by a passion for creating usable and beautiful websites; Nocean prides itself on delivering concise, clever, and tangible solutions for all our clients and their projects. We use an ever-curated collection of skills and knowledge to achieve this, including expertise in:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive Web Design
  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Development
  • Drupal Theme & Module Development
  • Javascript/jQuery and PHP programming
  • Content Strategy, Architecture and Development
  • User Experience (UX) & Interaction Design (IxD)

A bit about us.

Ryan McLaughlin, Nocean’s founder, has been building websites for nearly two decades. In 2007, Ryan started Dao By Design, a small web company in China with a focus on providing high-quality, affordably-priced web design and development services.

In the years that followed, Dao By Design grew into a well-respected web solutions provider, with hundreds of clients and projects spanning the globe.

In 2015 the business moved from China to Canada. As a reflection of this move, continued growth and a shift to an ever-more international client-base; Dao By Design became Nocean.

Values, they define us.

Trustworthy & Transparent

We know our clients are putting the success of their project in our hands. We take that very, very seriously.

From initial consultations to after-launch support, we work hard to remove ambiguity and add transparency to the entire process.

Bridge Builders

We’ve worked in a lot of different environments – different cultures, countries and languages.

We understand deeply how important clear communication and mutual respect are; and thus weave both into the fabric of every relationship we form.


Not all projects require the same tools, and we tirelessly improve our ability to adapt and adjust to the needs at hand.

While our experience has provided us with preferences towards certain methods; we remain solution agnostic, so as to give each project the best possible result.


It may sound like a platitude, but we really do try to keep things light and not take ourselves too seriously.

While we are passionate about delivering the absolute best quality work, we never forget that both ourselves and our clients are human beings that like to smile.

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