Drupal and WordPress founders interviewed together

A bit of a landmark co-interview with opensource CMS luminaries Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) and Dries Buytaert (founder of Drupal) at SchipulCon 2011 in Houston, Texas. Bear with the initial audio -- the irony of tech stuff going wrong is not lost on me either. Here at Dao By Design we near exclusively build using one or the other, and I couldn't agree with Matt's comment that initial…
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Customize Drupal's Recent Comments block

I've been using Drupal quite a lot recently, and one of the things that was bothering me was the Recent Comments block. It's excellent that Drupal includes this functionality right out of the box, but that it offers no way to template or otherwise customize it (in Drupal 5.x at least) is a pain in the ass. Specifically I want to display the comment's author (as a link) and be able to customize th…
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