HHR Button WordPress Plugin

If your site contains stories about China, this plugin is for you. Quickly and easily add a Hao Hao Report submit/vote button to your blog posts, giving your readers a chance to share your posts with a wider audience.

Stories already submitted? The button will display the story’s HHR vote count and encourage your readers to help vote it up!

The Hao Hao Report contains the hottest and newest China news, blogs, videos and pictures as submitted and voted on by HHR community. Breaking China news on travel, business, technology, politics, entertainment, and much more!

Download – Latest Version v1.0


Simply install this plugin as you would any WordPress plugin. Either use the automated plugin installer in your WordPress admin area, or download/unzip this package to your computer, and FTP the /hao-hao-report-button/ folder to your plugins directory (wp-content/plugins). You can enable and disable the button from the plugin’s settings page, as well as set the position, location and styles of the button.

Installation: Advanced

If you want to get a bit more advanced, and place the button directly into your theme’s template files, simply follow the plugin installation instructions above, but on the HHR Button’s WordPress setting page, make sure all check boxes are un-checked in the “HHR Button Display Conditions”. Then, add the following code where ever you’d like the button outputted in your theme:

<?php if (function_exists(‘hhr_button_html’)) { echo hhr_button_html(); } ?>

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hao Hao Report?
The Hao Hao Report (HHR) is a way to quickly see what the most popular English language articles regarding China are. The HHR accepts blog posts, major news articles, photos and basically anything about China.

You may have heard the term ‘social bookmarking’ before. Basically, social bookmarking allows people to save links to good articles or sites in a way that others can view them and perhaps add them to their bookmarks as well. The HHR is that plus some. If you’re familiar with the popular Digg.com site, then you’re familiar with the Hao Hao Report, as the principle is the same.

Head over to http://www.haohaoreport.com to see it for yourself.

My auto-populated summary text has some weird junk in it. What’s up with that?
The text for the summary is grabbed directly from the post’s content. The plugin does the best it can to remove HTML code, etc., but if you are using other tags/short code in your posts, it may not be removed by the plugin’s filters. To get around this, simply be sure to set an excerpt directly in the Excerpt box below the post editor — this overrides the auto-generated excerpt.

How can I customize the button’s location/style?
Simply use the plugin’s setting page (SETTINGS->HHR BUTTON) in your WordPress administration area. From this page you:

  • Enable/Disable the plugin – a good option if you want to maintain your settings, but want to stop the button from displaying.
  • Set which pages the plugin should be displayed on. eg. only on full-length post pages, etc.
  • Set whether the button appears at the top or the bottom of the content.
  • Set the style of the button’s container — have it align to the left or the right of the content, or add your own CSS styles.


* This is the first version. The biggest change is that before this, the plugin was nothing.


Huge thanks to both Sociable and Mike Flynn, whose code was very helpful in piecing this together.

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