SEOSimple Joomla 1.5 Plugin v1.4

SEOSimple BoxI need first apologize for the length of time between updates. I have no excuse other than an insane work schedule. I, initially at least, was also trying to hold off releasing a new version until I had some significant bugs to fix or features to add. Perhaps it’s a testament to the simpleness of the plugin, but bugs are few and far between.

That said, an encoding bug has been the bane of the plugin’s existence and desperately needed squashing. So, hopefully it’s squashed (huge hat tip to JM Simonet, who released a patched version of the plugin in the support forum ages ago, for which I’m very grateful).

Grab SEOSimple v1.4 from the SEOSimple homepage. And please report any problems you have either on the SEO Simple Support Forum, or in the comments on the SEOSimple home page (preferably the support forum, as the # of comments is a bit unwieldy).

Oh! And remember to vote for the plugin at the Joomla Extensions site. Please do this if for no other reason than it appears these dudes ripped off this plugin, are calling it their own, are making people pay for it, and have more votes than SEOSimple does.

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