Funny taglines for Windows 7

Windows 7 LogoJust stumbled upon this list of humorus taglines for the newly “officially named” Windows 7 and thought I’d share. The list contains more than this, but I wittled it down to my top 20:

  • Windows 7: We heard it’s a lucky number
  • Windows 7: Like Windows 6 — wait, there was no Windows 6
  • Windows 7: Correct iterations be damned!
  • Windows 7: Apparently 13 versions of Windows + 1 = 7
  • Windows 7: Experience crashes and bad architecture under a classic name
  • Windows 7: Vista 2 coming soon
  • Windows 7: Please ignore all that stuff we’ve been doing for the past decade
  • Windows 7: DOS 12.1182
  • Windows 7: If it looks like Vista, and smells like Vista…
  • Windows 7: If that’s the price, it might be worth it
  • Windows 7: Give that marketer a promotion
  • Windows 7: Because f**k it
  • Windows 7: On the path to catch up with Mac OS X…in 3 iterations. So 15 years.
  • Windows 7: When we hit 0, we’ll call it DOS again
  • Windows 7: Oops, we thought we were naming our Mobile OS
  • Windows 7: We’re way ahead of Linux (in numbers)
  • Windows 7: The Vista Menace
  • Windows 7: You may want to hold off on the Vista purchase
  • Windows 7: How long until the first Service Pack?
  • Windows 7: I can’t believe it’s not Vista
Hat tip to Luke Gedeon.

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