And so it is…

Well, I guess I should start with a welcome. Welcome to the Dao By Design blog.

Now, here at its inception, I must admit that I’m not completely sure what will develop on these pages and posts. Currently my idea for this blog is to allow me an outlet for all the things I love to talk about, but really seem to annoy my friends when we’re out drinking. Namely, design, Web development, and all the countless things I love to eat away hours doing here seated at my desk.

I also hope to use this blog as a way to offer some tips and tricks to those just starting out with Web design, using Photoshop, stitching together CSS and HTML, and coding PHP. I’m often asked how I did such and such, and now I have a venue to answer those questions, and hopefully learn some great things myself along the way.

You see, despite what some may claim, I truly believe that there are no “Web experts”, but only those that have spent more time learning. An expert, to me, is someone who has learned all there is to learn on a subject, but of course in this field that’s just not possible. Once you’ve got it all figured out a new version, technology or breakthrough is made, and you’re back to square one.

I’ve also always admired Penn & Teller. Their fearless revealing of magic tricks, despite the mystery of those tricks being their livelihood, is both entertaining and admirable. Perhaps, in a much smaller capacity, I’ll be able to do a little of the same for Web design, site creation and the likes.

This blog is being launched at virtually the same time as I make a profound transition. Up until now I would have considered myself a “hobbyist” when it came to design. Not due to a lack of experience in it really, as I’ve been doing it for years. But rather, until now, it has always been a series of side projects done part-time.

However, that has all changed. I am now official a Web whore. A freelance design/developer with a penchant for writing and editing. In addition to designing sites for others, I also run five sites of my own (including this one). As such, I’m continually looking for better, more innovative ways to do things. So, stay tuned and I look forward to sharing them with you.

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