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Learn more about digital analytics with Google's free Analytic Academy

Google has recently launched the Analytics Academy, a spot for anyone interested in digital analyst/marketing to learn more about digital analytics -- specifically using Google Analytics. While it features a community and announcements, the primary purpose of the academy is the course, Digital Analytics Fundamentals. The three-week course "provides a foundation for marketers and analysts seeking…
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Pimpin' XP With Zune Theme

As someone who makes their living sitting in front of this silicon and liquid crystal box, I guess it's little surprise that every few months I get itchy and feel the need to redecorate my system a bit. It was just this desire for change that led me to skin my Windows XP machine to look just like a Mac OSX system. Largely that depended on WindowBlinds, a program that allows you to do all sorts of…
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Light a flame under Firefox's memory usage

Much the anti-thesis of my "I hate IE" post, I love Firefox. From principle to practice, it just is what a browser should be. That said, one of the things that's been bugging me lately about Firefox is that it is just crap on resources. I admit, I'm terrible with having 19 trillion tabs open at the same time, and that's bound to slow stuff down. But, what I don't like is that even after those tab…
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Spring Cleaning Computer Clutter

When I was a kid, I loved spring cleaning! In my hometown, spring cleaning meant one thing, and one thing only - free stuff! People would clean out their attics and basements and lay it out on the curb for all to pick through. I would come home with an endless assortment of random goodies - an old kickstand, goalie pads, a broken armchair - that would sit around the house until the following spri…
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