SEOSimple Joomla 1.5 Plugin v1.3

SEOSimple BoxMan, since I released SEOSimple v1.2 a few weeks ago I’ve learned a massive lesson – WAY too many people are still using servers that employ PHP4 – the php engine that was replaced with PHP5 four years ago.

For anyone that tried to use the plugin with PHP4, I’m sorry about breaking your site. Actually it’s an old PHP4 bug that broke your site, but I’ll apologize anyway. So sorry I sat my butt down and whipped together a fix that will hopefully solve all you late-adopters’ problems. Well, not all your problems – but the ones related to SEOSimple.

Grab the new version at the SEOSimple homepage.

Please report any problems you have either on the SEO Simple Support Forum, or in the comments on the SEOSimple home page.

Oh! And remember to vote for the plugin at the Joomla Extensions site.

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