NeochaEDGE featured on Australia's ABC

Good friends and clients of Dao By Design, NeochaEDGE, were recently featured on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s ART NATION program.

While the program doesn’t focus on the role NeochaEDGE’s Web site plays in achieving the Shanghai-based company’s goals, you can catch several glimpses of people using the site in the video above — which as far as Web sites getting featured on TV goes, is pretty cool by me.

NeochaEDGE is one part creative agency that represents leading-edge Chinese creative talent and one part web-magazine that showcases inspiring creative content from China. For anyone that’s ever said China is lacking in creativity, I urge you to check out the site — it’s absolutely bursting with amazing Chinese art and artists of all styles and mediums.

For details on work we’ve done with Neocha, please click here.

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