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Dao By Design v2.0For anyone that’s been to the site previously, you should immediately notice a rather massive change in the site’s design.

When I stitched together the original site back in June last year, I did what I constantly advise clients against – I didn’t look ahead. I, wrongly, assumed that the size of the site wouldn’t grow and that setting it on top of a CMS was a waste of time.

* shakes head in shame *

The new site much better represents what the business is all about. Not only does it allow for a much more fluid handling of the content the site already had, it also makes adding additional content a couple clicks of a mouse and clacks of a keyboard.

As with many of the sites we build for clients, DBD Redux rests atop the Joomla 1.5 framework, while the blog is handled by the brand new (only currently a Release Candidate) WordPress 2.5 – all tied together with a seamless custom theme.

The new site has allowed us to finally update our portfolio section a bit to reflect some of the more recent projects we’ve been working on. Additionally, we’ve also added a page to tout some great charity projects we have the good fortune to be involved with.

We’ve more planned for the site, including a knowledge base/FAQ that will help explain some of the more technical aspects of site ownership/maintanence in a simple and easy to follow format.

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