WordPress 2.5: The Next Generation

Wordpress 2.5 DashboardThe latest release of WordPress has just hit the net, offering some significant design changes and a boatload of new features. As mentioned in my previous post on the site upgrade, I’ve been using WordPress 2.5 RC since its release mid-March. The first release candidate went to RC2 and on to a stable version in just two short weeks – that’s damn impressive. Some of the key new features include:

  • Dashboard Widgets: allowing you to customize the (until now) rather useless first page of the WordPress backend. Improvements include being able to customize which RSS feeds display, the addition of stats, etc.
  • Multi-file Uploads: Now rather than uploading files or images one-by-one, you can upload a multitude of files all at the same time and all with visual indicators of progress.
  • Plugin Upgrades: WP2.3 introduced the feature of WP telling you when there was a new version of your plugins available. WP2.5 takes this a step further and allows you to automatically upgrade the plugin right from within the WordPress backend. *I LOVE this feature!*
  • Built In Galleries: You can now automatically upload loads of images as batches and automatically create galleries. See how WP founder Matt Mullenweg’s done it here.

Be sure to check out this screencast for a visual rundown of the new features:

All-in-all, two HUGE thumbs up from us here at Dao By Design for the work the WordPress crew has put into this awesome release.

Upgrading is as simple as it always has been. Simply download the new version of WordPress and then follow these simple upgrade instructions. If you need to do a fresh install – same download, different (but nearly as simple) install instructions.

9 thoughts on WordPress 2.5: The Next Generation

  1. WordPress has been a good platform for a while and it keeps getting better. I love the plug-in installer too. I didn’t realize it was there until today. The next big things I’d love to see is a fix for the day light savings problem (you have to change the time zone settings twice a year) and a WordPress updater.

  2. I’m 100% with you on the auto-updater. If memory serves, there’s a plugin for it, but would be nice to have it right in the core. I wish they’d release an upgrade file along with every install release so that I wouldn’t have to go in, delete the useless stuff in the wp-content folder and repack before upgrading. Is there anyone who’s upgrading that needs a reinstall of the Hello Dolly plugin or the classic theme? Bah! haha.

    As for DST… not so much an issue here in one-timezone/no-DST China.

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  5. Any idea on how to get Chinese characters working properly in the new(old) Word Press 2.5? Since upgrading this week I seem to have all my 汉字 converted to ?? when the post is made. Appreciate any tips.

  6. @Brian: You need to set the “character set” in your WP configuration set the same as it was in your old WP installation and the same used by MySql. If you have no idea what you used then WP probably used UTF-8. This happened to me when I upgraded.

    For WP 2.5 open up the wp-config.php file and change the DB_CHARSET to utf8:

    define('DB_CHARSET', 'utf8');

    If that does not work then you need to find out what your configuration was using and setup the new configuration the same way.

  7. @Brian: Yup, Shaun’s got it right. I also found just removing the line from the config solves the problem with no noticeable effect on the operation of the site.

  8. dear ,
    where r u ?
    Wordpress 2.7.1 already out & 2.7.2 waiting to out

    Please update yourself .

  9. Umm, Sachin – check the date of this post m8. It’s a year old.

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