Warning: Facebook 'Virus'

Hey all – just wanted to let everyone know about what essentially amounts to a virus being spread via Facebook.
If you get a message on your wall reading:

“hi XXX, howdy?? lisen i got a new friend here..shex kinda new here..maybe you can give her a lil tym so she can enjoy here?? not forcin u but u can chk out =)

her profile is

When you click on the URL it brings you to what appears to be the Facebook login screen, but is in fact an external Web site (http://e77c98037.com). An unobservant viewer will likely just assume they need to re-login to Facebook to figure out who this person is.

Once you do, not only do you submit your Facebook login username and password to a hostile site, you propagate the virus – allowing it to then send the same message to your Facebook friends’ Walls.

Because this is how the virus is spread, you will receive the Wall message from one of your friends and might inherently trust it based on this fact alone.

Please spread the word about this, and perhaps we can stem this malicious attempt to gain access to our Facebook accounts before it spreads too far.

20 thoughts on Warning: Facebook 'Virus'

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  2. How hard can it be to look at the address for the website you are logging into? To stop the virus spreading, we need to somehow conquer the problem of deficient IQs in humanity…a long shot!

  3. I don’t disagree Brian – but there’s not much hope as e-mail viruses have been running for years and all you need do is not open attachments from strangers… and now phishing attacks from banks, ebay, paypal etc are just as common and affect the same section of society – people who don’t double check what they’re doing.

  4. I got it last night and mistakenly downloaded it. This morning after my IT professional boyfriend cleaned my computer, I read my email. I had a message from facebook.com in there. They disabled my account for appearing to be a spammer. I’ve used facebook for 6 years without incident. The one time I mistakenly download a horrible virus, they pulled my account. I have emailed them several times explaining that I’m not a spammer. I’m just flabbergasted by their approach to handling the virus. I had no prior warning about this less than a month old virus when I mistakenly downloaded it. I’m very surprised that the site doesn’t contain warnings about this trojan horse virus.

  5. Just like beeble I accidentally downloaded it last night. My boyfriend fixed it and I promptly e-mailed everyone on my friends list warning them not to open the file. I think only about two of them did and not everyone on my friends list was affected. However, this morning I tried to access my account to find it, too, was disabled. I have e-mailed Facebook but only received an automated reply. There are plenty of posts and threads on the internet about this and it seems that although Facebook has worked towards blocking the links plenty of people have still had their accounts disabled.

  6. @Charlie & Beeble: You’ve got to be able to recognize that Facebook is just trying to protect their users. You unwittingly allowed a malicious program to exploit your user list and so of course Facebook needs to stop that. It’s not a punishment, it’s simply them attempting to stop it from spreading. They’re likely also tracing where it was sent so they can stop it there as well.

    I’m sure your Facebook account will be up and running again in no time. As for warnings – where would they put them and who would read them?

  7. Fair enough but surely once they recognise the issue some sort of email could be sent to those affected explaining this and letting us know how long we should expect to wait. This wouldn’t be so hard seeing as this virus has been around since the beginning of the month. Long enough, in fact for one Facebook representative to claim they had a fix for it. That way innocent users wouldn’t feel that they’re being punished and everyone would have more of an idea of what is going on. As for warnings they could put them in the same place the suite101 or new facebook banners went – they certainly seemed noticeable.

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  9. Heres the deal. There is a new virus on facebook and it makes it impossible to login to your account. Antivirus and malware programs are still not picking it up. I am screwed and I am pissed. I deleted it one time and now it is back!!!!!!

  10. This has happened to me for the last week or so and was starting to get annoying. When you log into an external site unwittingly, you’re allowing them to have your password and email address combination. Therefore, the simple solution to this is: CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. I got this advise from the internet and some internet geek so they knew what they were talking about and so far, it’s worked for me because this way they can’t “send” messages from your facebook as they don’t have the correct username/password combination 🙂 Have fun!

  11. I have one question about facebook, I would put a virus on one particular acc. (It is acc of my friend and I hate him) so could you tell me how can i do that.


  12. I say let Facebook be infected it serves the stupid bastards right, they’ve caused nothing but trouble for me and my fiance.

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