Freed Burner – Feedburner Pro Features for Free!

Burning Questions, FeedBurner‘s official blog, sheds the exciting news that two services that were previously reserved for paying customers only are now absolutely free for all FeedBurner users.

FeedBurner Stats PRO

This feature lets you closely analyze the number of people who are viewing or clicking individual content times. I’m quite keen on this, as the basic stats only give you a rough idea of the number of people accessing your RSS feed, this will greatly increase bloggers’ abilities on getting to know their readership. You can turn this on by signing in to your account, navigating to the Analyze tab and heading to the FeedBurner Stats PRO section.


This PRO feature allows you to re-brand your feed URL to more closely match your site’s. For example: would become

To activate it, which I’ve not found the time to do yet, simply click on the “My Account” tab after you’ve signed in, and then click “MyBrand”. The Burning Questions blog warns: “You must be comfortable playing around with DNS entries and own the rights to the domain whose DNS entries you’ll be playing around with in order to successfully activate MyBrand.”

Thank you Google…

I am not sure about you, but I always get antsy with corporate buyouts – however, Google seems to be doing little wrong. With them slickening up the YouTube interface, rounding out their Google Ads, offering more free services with FeedBurner and also announcing that they’ve launched their Referrals 2.0 program for Adsense Publishers, it’s hard not to get all warm and tingly.

HT to ProBlogger.

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